The IPS The BAP conference hangout

The IPS pubs were open again for BAP vCon 2020. Fun!

The Mars Bar

The last bottle has been emptied. Thanks for stopping by!

The 2 Pi Party People

The pub has been wrecked and ruined by crazy BAP goers. Rebuilding will take a while.

In Space no one can hear you Drink

We are currently training mice to serve drinks. Will open when we succeed with that. Feel free to hold your breaths.

These are the pubs that were established for the 2020 International Planetarium Conference, which was held online. Due to popular demand they reopened for BAP vCon 2020 !

Suggested pub etiquette: Video and audio should be on, and of course we do not require that you have some form of liquid in a glass nearby but it is encouraged.

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